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63 Ways to enjoy Prime Membership

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Amazon Prime Day kicked off on July 15th 2019, in what has turned into a 48-hour-long eCommerce extravaganza, rivaled by Black Friday and Cyber Monday as major shopping events. 

After just four years, Prime Day has grown into what retailers call the “Black Friday of July.” Last year, global sales during the event nearly doubled year-over-year after Amazon added six hours to the sales spree and an additional 17 countries to the roster of places eligible for the exclusive sales. This year with Prime Day running for 48-hours, analysts estimate that global Amazon sales will hover around $6 billion. 

Amazon Prime Day is only available to Prime members, creating an incentive for consumers to turn into Prime members. For the everything store, the main purpose behind the two-day sale is to convert those non-members to Prime buyers. Members buy more, come back more, and provide more data than non-members. Cowen & Co. estimates that roughly one in ten non-Prime households will sign up for Prime during Prime Day. 

Extending the hours and country access has helped bolster sales, pushing the sales blitz each year to a new high. Global sales over the past three years have quadrupled for Prime Day.
Infographic: Prime Day Doubles Time, Amazon Reaps the Rewards | Statista
Another important and interesting benefit of Prime Day for us, consumers in general, is the fact that other retailers enter the game. Say you were not a an amazon shopper, for the fact that your retailer is dacing the music of Prime Day you also reap from the discount war on major and interesting products or services. Let us see who these retailers are:
Record 300 retailers and counting are offered their sales on Prime Day this year, about a 29 percent increase over last year, according to internal data from RetailMeNot. 

Amazon Prime began their July event exclusively for Prime members back in 2015. Since then the mid-July sale has drawn consumers to the site in droves and now competes with Black Friday and Cyber Monday as major retail days. Last year, retailers made $4 billion more in July than in December. 

Some analysts worry that other retailers may be hurting themselves down the road. Consumers who spend across multiple retailers in July may be less likely to go back later in the summer when back-to-school shopping dominates consumer spending. Stores like J.C. Penny and Staples are rolling out their own mid-July sales blitz, but are placing core back-to-school items on the sales page, potentially cutting into consumer spending in late August. 

Whether retailers mark down prices or not, Adobe and Salesforce both estimate that eCommerce overall benefits from a Prime Day halo-effect. Adobe estimates a 79 percent revenue bump for other retailers during Prime Day this year, while Salesforce ballparks the growth for non-Amazon retailers at 51 percent for Prime Day.
Infographic: Other Retailers Compete for Prime Day Dollars | Statista
Based on the analytics, my opinion is that Prime Membership is something interesting as more people are getting onboard over the years. If that was not the case why would people really care? I myself experienced the Prime Day logistics myself and i really loved the "Free 2-Day Shipping" and all the other discount on many Amazon Services (You are treated like a very VIP). For those who are not Prime Members they can still benefit from the other retail stores who join the party. Remember, if you are not an amazon frequent shopper there is no need to become a member unless you actually check the 63 ways to enjoy prime membership and verify that at least 50% of the benefits mentioned there match your needs.

Special Credit to: STATISTA

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